Welcome TO MPHS

Mirpur Public High School is the first private english medium school of Azad Kashmir, established in 1962, serving the city for more than 5 decades. We have produced many Engineers, Doctors, Administrators ets. Who are presently serving the nation and legacy goes on.

This school and our staff is proudly providing quality education. We focuse on character building of our children along with enhancing their educational cababilities. We ensure delivery of quality education to individuals from different walks of life.

We have started a program "Quran with Tajweed" for better understanding of Quran.

We try to give back to our community by providing free education to 5% of deserving students and fee discounts to 30% of other students, without taking any donations from outside.

There is "Humaira Aleem Scholorship" for qualified students in classes 8th, 9th and 10th.